Book Adam J. Eros for a variety of events!

Interested in booking Adam J. Eros for a show? Want Dueling Pianos for your corporate event or party? Want to commission an original song or piece? Adam provides a variety of services and through his production company can make any event a unique and special experience.


DUELING SING-A-LONG PIANOS - if you don't know what this is, you are missing out. An incredible experience that engages everyone with a top tier performance of request driven music. With thousands of songs at their 'fingertips' two pianists will sing, play, joke, and entertain the socks off of your guests. I've got 15+ years as a professional dueling piano player and know the best in the business when it comes to duelers. References galore including shows for Disney, Toyota, Microsoft, Qualcomm, USAA, etc.....
            -private events
            -corporate events

INTERACTIVE SING-A-LONG PIANO SHOW - Think of this as the same as a dueling piano show except just with one!! I do this kind of show all of the time. It can turn into "Live" karaoke, a dance fest, or just an all out sing-a-long. It all depends on the desires of the client and the event type. I've performed in this style for Country Clubs, Private Events, Health Spas, Parties, Weddings, etc.... 

BACKGROUND PIANO MUSIC - from jazz to classical to modern. Let me be that invisible musician that provides the ambiance to help make your guests feel as relaxed as butter in summer.

ORIGINAL CONCERT MUSIC COMMISSION - I've been fortunate to have written numerous 'work-for-hire' commissions for a variety of instrumentalists and vocalists. Regardless of the level I can write something that fits your playing proficiency in my quirky style. Be the coolest person on the block by having a piece written especially for you.

ARRANGING/ORCHESTRATION - from orchestra to latin jazz band to acapella to punk band - I can provide an arrangement of your work.

FILM/MEDIA COMPOSITION- I have a Masters Certificate in Composing for Film and Television from Berklee College of Music. My specialty is writing for smaller ensembles and piano driven commercial work,  and I love working with independent and eccentric film makers and quirky folk.

JAZZ TRIO/WEDDING BAND - Looking for a group that can rock, swing, and groove. Look no further.

SOLO ACT - So you want the full monty do ya? Well, you won't be disappointed. Just tell me what you want and hold on tight.

LESSONS/MASTER CLASSES - Due to the amount of time I need to devote towards writing and performance there is limited space in my teaching studio. I teach piano and voice with an emphasis on the students personal goals. If the student wishes to have a classical style method that's great. If the student wants to rock like Elton John that's cool too.

Interested? Contact me below with your details.


Adam J. Eros 
Phone: (619) 665-1200