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Hey everybody! December has already started rolling along. So busy, but that's a good thing!  Tune on Tuesday has been a ton of fun and really succesful. Everyone is loving the new music and a glimpse into weekly musings. 

I've joined the ranks of Twitch! If you are a Twitch user you can watch me stream under the name of StuckOnLuck. I'm loving it!

I've been writing a lot and have some songs that will be featured on Whitney Shay's new album. We've cowritten these tunes and are really happy with them. Recording starts in January and will hopefully be released soon after. 

I'll try to update the website more frequently...honestly....I need an assistant. 

Have a great December everyone! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated. 

Episode 2 - Tune on Tuesday 

These episodes are going great!! First two in the books and lots more scheduled!! Gonna be a fun year! If you missed it, here it is on YouTube. With special guest Witney Shay. 

A Tune on Tuesday!!! 

Starting next Tuesday, September 19th, I will be going LIVE via Facebook and Instagram at 5:15 PST with a performance of an original tune. I'm going to to try and make this happen every Tuesday. You can expect some silly banter, and some personal interaction with any and all that can join. I will be posting each episode on YouTube the following day. Don't miss it!! Set your calendars!




Check out the new video featuring Ramon Negron and myself. The piece is titled Ramonizmo, a work I wrote specifically for Ramon. Check it out it fi you dare!!!

Fallbrook Show of Awesomeness! 

Come on out to Fallbrook Brewing Company on Friday August 18th to see another show of awesomeness with me and my buddy Bill Pomerleau on guitar.  It's Fallbrook's Summer Nights so the area will be filled with unique vendors, food, and of course....awesomeness. Music is from 7-9pm. See you there! 

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