Dueling Pianist, Song-Writer, Composer, Entertainer, Explorer, Doofus

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Who is this guy????  Is he a classical musician? Dueling Piano player? A prankster? A total dork? A theater rat? A country singer?  An alien?!!! 

Seriously or un-seriously though, an upbringing in the theater mixed with classical training then a strong dose of team athletics, mix in some parties and shenanigans, take it to Latin music studies with a tinge of jazz and ragtime, smother in some free improvisation and douse it with some old school R&B while drizzling in a handful of funk and modern pop served over a bed of country music and viola!!!! There it is!!

As a dueling piano player with over 17 years of professional experience Adam has had opportunities to perform for companies like Disney, Toyota, USAA, Qualcomm, Microsoft, and a plethora of others. Adam was also the Entertainment Manager at The Shouthouse in San Diego, where he worked for 11 years. 

Adam has both a BA in Music Performance from USD and a Masters Certificate from Berklee School of Music.

One project may be different then the last but it's guaranteed that the next one will not be the same as either. Always ready for a new adventure and opportunity!!! What's next!

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What's Next!